Dr Oz: Gluten Sensitivity Causes Fatigue & Pranayama Yoga Ends Stress


Dr Oz: The Fatigue Solution

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time? Are you exhausted even after getting eight hours of sleep at night? If so, this Dr. Oz show is for you! He had the fatigue solution to help you get your energy back by fixing four imbalances in your body.

Dr Oz: Iron Deficiency Causes Anemia

Dr. Jennifer Landa is a women’s health expert who used to believe that feeling fatigued was due to being over tired or over worked, but when it happened to her she went on a mission to figure out the true cause! She said the information she learned is about fixing four imbalances in your body and getting you back the energy you need and want. Dr. Landa said you will see immediate improvement just by making small changes and they begin with the connection between gluten and iron. She explained that many people do not realize it, but about 25% of us have sensitivity to gluten. When this happens we are not able to properly digest and absorb nutrients into our bodies, like iron for example, which can lead to anemia. Iron also carries oxygen to every area of the body, which is exactly what gives us our energy.

Dr Oz: Are You Sensitive To Gluten?

Dr Oz: Gluten Sensitivity Causes Fatigue & Pranayama Yoga Ends Stress

Dr Jennifer Landis said that a gluten sensitivity may be the cause of your fatigue. She said to remove it from your diet for 21 days to get your energy back!


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