Dr Oz: Lisa Ling ADD Diagnosis & Tabata 4-Minute Interval Workout


Dr Oz:Lisa Ling’s ADD Diagnosis

Do you have trouble paying attention when people are talking to you? Do you often get distracted or does your mind wander to a different place? If so, Dr. Oz says you are not alone and today he is talking to Lisa Ling about the medical condition you could have and not even know it.

Dr Oz: How to Get an ADD Diagnosis

Dr Oz: Lisa Ling ADD Diagnosis & Tabata 4-Minute Interval Workout

Dr Oz talks to journalist Lisa Ling about her ADD diagnosis at the age of 40 and how it has affected her life.



  1. Barbara Peterson says

    I also have ADD. I never knew the joy of learning until I graduated from high school and I was no longer under the scrutiny of my educator’s who really had no knowledge of why I didn’t perform in school. I am 79 years old and learning disorders were not easily diagnosed at that period of time. My memory has also been an issue for me. I can spell a word and have to look the word up an hour later that I have just spelled. Spell check has dramatically changed my life. Praise God! I do a lot of learning on educational TV stations, but even there my mind continually wonders. I record everything so that I can return over and over again to pick up where I left off before I lost concentration. Every bit of knowledge I learn I am so thrilled and grateful.
    I have read books on the subject before Lisa was born. Lisa is so successful and charming that the public is blessed for all she offers the world.
    No one should be judged by labels. Actually no child should ever be labeled. They should just be encouraged and loved. God created everyone uniquely and to be treasured for their uniqueness. And God is so pleased when we go the extra mile learn in spite of how difficult it is.
    As we know there is no greater joy than learning all of God’s revelations about our world daily.
    Blessings, Barbara


    For many years I have suspected that I may have ADD, after seeing Dr. Oz show with Lisa Ling and reading Barbara’s Peterson’s comment, I am encouraged to take Dr. Oz’s test.
    I am now 66 years old and notice that my memory if increasingly worse. Knowing that I don’t retain anything and have to ask my husband, has a great memory and retention, I routinely lean on him to remind me or remember for me. I am most of the time wrong when I think I am right when stating something and this gets really embarrassing. So I will pursue the matter to see if I can improve my memory.
    Thank you Dr. Oz for trying to educate us, thank you Lisa Ling for your courage, and thank you Barbara Peterson for you comments that are encouraging me to educate myself more on this subject so I may help myself.

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