Dr Oz: Low-Dose Aspirin Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk + Dosing Guidelines


Dr Oz: Does Aspirin Prevent the Spread of Cancer?

Can an Aspirin a day keep cancer away? Dr. Oz says stunning new research shows the cure for cancer could already be sitting in your medicine cabinet, but is Aspirin the right answer for everyone?

Dr Oz: Take Aspirin to Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk

There is breaking news in medicine that every woman needs to hear! Dr. Oz says new evidence shows an Aspirin a day could be the key to reducing your risk for ovarian cancer as well as death from other cancers. Aspirin has been called the “wonder drug” for good reason and now there is even more reason to add it to your medicine cabinet. Ovarian Cancer is often a silent killer in women, but new studies show taking an aspirin a day could lower a woman’s risk for the disease by up to 20%.

  • Aspirin could reduce the spread of cancer by up to 36%.
  • Aspirin reduces risk of dying from cancer by 37%.

Dr Oz: Low-Dose Aspirin Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk + Dosing Guidelines

Dr Oz shared breaking news about how taking an Aspirin a day can lower risk for Ovarian Cancer by 20%.


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