Dr Oz: Milk of Magnesia Body Odor Remedy & 3-Step Plan to De-Stress


Dr Oz: Milk of Magnesia Body Odor Remedy

Dr. Oz brought his Assistant of the Day on stage to talk about the sensitive topic of body odor. While you might only associate this embarrassing condition with smelly armpits, there are actually several other areas where body odor can cause a problem. Dr. Oz says the first misconception is that sweat is the reason for body odor, but that is not entirely the case. The problem is when you begin to sweat and then bacteria starts to grow, which can lead to pretty offensive body odor, but Dr. Oz has a natural remedy to fight it off!



  1. karen says

    A lot of my stress would vanish if I didn’t have to close out your big Pinterest box each time I visit a page on your site from my rss reader. 😉

  2. Agnes says

    Hello, this is not a comment, but, I would like to know, can the milk of magnesia be rubbed in the pubic areas also. And do you just rub it and leave it there until you bathe.
    My comment is: I love the Dr. Oz show.

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