Dr Oz: Misdiagnosing Depression With Off-Label Use & Anemia Symptoms


Dr Oz: Misdiagnosing Depression

Dr. Oz sat down with Dr. Drew Pinsky to reveal the truth about antidepressants! They discussed the potential risks involved, including making a person feel worse and causing suicidal thoughts.

Dr Drew Pinsky: Only Use Medication When the Risks Are Warranted

Would you believe up to 75% of women taking antidepressants are not taking them for depression? It is something called off-label use and is completely legal, but is it right? Dr. Drew Pinsky, an addiction specialist, says regardless of accusations he does not push medications onto patients. He told Dr. Oz his father was a family practitioner who drilled his philosophy into Dr. Drew’s head that you only consider medication when the risks are warranted and that is how Dr. Drew personally treats his own patients. Dr. Drew believes medication is more apt to cause problems, so he’s very cautious when he prescribes them, especially to patients with depression. He says everyone needs to share in the blame of the overprescribing of antidepressants, including pharmaceutical companies, patients and doctors. Dr. Drew believes doctors need to be allowed to do their job and properly diagnose a patient before handing them a prescription.


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    It is unfortunate that this wide variety of chemicals is named by its intended effect, anti-depressant. A/D’s can cause depression. They also are the psychiatrists’ gateway to the prison of tranquilizers often called minor tranquilizers to differentiate them from the Major tranquillizers that were the Zombie-producing drugs of the 60″s.

    That is what psychiatry does. Dr Amen’s comments about informed consent will be news to the normal people who are sent to psychiatrists. I’ve been working against the egregious mis- prescribing of Benzodiazepines for eight years. To date, no one has said that he/she received any kind of information and never signed consent.

    Benzodiazepines cause long-term damage to the natural balancing act of the Glutamate-GABA system, This means that the chemical ,as prescribed, substitutes itself for normal GABA function, The unsuspecting and trusting patient eventually finds himself in a withdrawal- state which can cause grand mal seizures. What does medicine say? Medicine calls these medical casualties, addicts! The patient had no compulsion to use these drugs; the patient was merely compliant. When the horror was evident, the prescriber denied culpability and resorted to calling his/her damaged patient names.

    The withdrawal syndrome can be extremely painful, and it can last for years, Now we are seeing the same thing in anti-depressant patients.

    You are correct Dr. Oz. Actual medical conditions are ignored as mind-altering pharmaceuticals are quickly pushed. “You look depressed” is followed by a prescription without benefit of physical examination or history. Mythological emotional disorders now come with pharmaceuticals. In fact, new chemicals are in search of a disease so one is quickly invented with the word, disorder following it.

    The result may be loss of health, family, career, and sometimes death. We hear that some people get sick and some don’t. FACT: an individual may have no problem in discontinuing a psychiatric drug only to find that he is in long term agony when discontinuing another drug in the same class.

    Dr Drew: These medical-victims never should face abrupt cessation of these drugs. These drugs must be tapered as the patient tolerates. Cold turkey withdrawals usually precede years of serious illness. These patients are NOT an addicts! They are ordinary casualties of modern medicine.
    Jana Hill

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