Dr Oz: Neck Strengthening Exercise & Eat Yams to Boost Energy


Dr Oz: Are Sweet Potatoes the Same as Yams?

Do you ever get neck pain, but are not always sure of the cause? Does the pain slow you down and prevent you from doing everyday activities? If so, Dr. Oz and his Assistant of the Day have the solutions to prevent and treat your pain in the future!

Dr Oz: Neck Strengthening Exercise

Dr. Oz says many of us get neck pain at one time or another and he says it is especially a problem for surgeons because they spend a lot of their day bent forward, so he shared a great exercise you can do right at home to strengthen your neck muscles.


  1. Nancy says

    Dr oz had sweet potatoes shown on his show. Not yams. Yams are very rare in USA

    He should have said:

    Eat orange fleshed sweet potatoes

    Do not eat white fleshed sweet potatoes

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