Dr. Oz: The Object of Unhappiness Exercise & The Power of “Me, Too”


Dr. Oz: The Secret to Happiness

Dr. Oz has been talking to Pastor Rob Bell, who has been helping three unhappy women and three happy women learn the secret to happiness. Pastor Rob Bell explained that people who are unhappy believe that tomorrow is simply going to be a repeat of today. It’s a trapped feeling that makes them feel like it’s always going to be like this. But happy people understand that life isn’t perfect and that life is going to throw them curve balls. They’re not caught off guard because they’ve already decided they’re going to get through it.

Dr. Oz: The “Object of Unhappiness” Exercise

Dr. Oz: The Object of Unhappiness Exercise & The Power of "Me, Too"

Dr. Oz sent Pastor Rob Bell to work with six women in order to find out the secret to happiness in his Dr. Oz Happiness Project, which was a success.



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    I lost my youngest son and best friend in 2011 and I cannot get over it and be happy. I watch your show everyday. I’m gonna follow up with this site to see if it can help me get my life back. I miss him so much, I don’t see an end to this unhappiness.

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