Dr Oz: PMS Magnesium Connection & Sleeping Naked Boosts Weight Loss?


Dr Oz: PMS Magnesium Deficiency

Do you ever feel like you are walking through life just fine and then all of a sudden something throws you for a loop? Dr. Oz says there are seemingly innocent habits that could wreaking havoc on your body and messing up your hormones, but that all ends today because he has solutions to help you get them back on track!

Dr Oz: How Many Hours of Sleep is Ideal?

Even though you might think the stress of everyday life is to blame for feeling out of sorts, Dr. Oz says there could be little mistakes and everyday things that mess with your hormones without you even realizing it. Dr. Natasha Turner, author of The Super-Charged Hormone Diet, joined Dr. Oz to share the everyday habits that could be throwing you and your hormones for a loop.

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