Dr Oz: How to Remove Sand From Your Vagina & What is a “Vurp”?


Dr Oz: Viewers’ Most Embarrassing Moments

For the first time ever Dr. Oz is opening up the shame files and revealing your most mortifying moments and biggest mishaps. You may have thought your secrets were safe, but Dr. Oz’s team uncovered some embarrassing moments that are simply too good not to share!

Dr Oz: Why You Should Not Hold in Pee for Too Long

Dr. Oz’s first brave guest, Yvette, says her most mortifying moment happened one night while on her way home. She tells Dr. Oz that she suddenly had to pee really badly so as she got closer to home she began to speed up, but was then stopped by the police. She begged them to allow her to go, but they refused and that’s when she wet herself right there in her car with the police officer standing nearby. Ultimately, he let her go without giving her a ticket, but her embarrassment will probably live on for a very long time.


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