Dr Oz: Safe Earwax Removal & Acid Reflux Smoothie Recipe


Dr Oz: Earwax Build-Up Causes Hearing Loss

Today Dr. Oz is talking about the number one cause of hearing loss that can be easily fixed. It might surprise you to learn that it is not due to loud music, but actually a build-up of earwax, so Dr. Oz asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain what you can do to fix the problem. Also, learn Dr. Oz’s solutions for easing your acid reflux.

Dr Oz: How to Safely Remove Earwax

Dr. Oz says that while earwax serves an important purpose and prevents foreign objects from getting into places they do not belong, it can cause a problem if it gets built up. Normally, we all get a little earwax, which gets pushed out when we chew, but in some cases it becomes a large clump that creates a blockage and leads to a hearing problem.


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    I had acid reflux yrs ago I was an adult..My son had it as a child 12 yrs old and skinny….I did the exact saME THINGS AS YOU PRESCRIBED….My son had to quit eating before he went to bed and also remove acid from his body by not drinking pop mostly…He still watches out for it at age 35. Had a family member die of it and I watched a 52 yr old man die of cancer of his esophigus..not a pretty sight…I have even heard of babies being born with it..Is that possible?
    Thank-you, Joan

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