Dr Oz: Secrets You’re Keeping From Your Doctor & Bloating Causes

By on February 1, 2013

Dr Oz: Biggest Secrets You’re Keeping From Your Doctor

Are you keeping secrets from your doctor? For a variety of reasons, people don’t always want to come clean at the doctor’s office. But staying silent could have serious health consequences. Find out why not taking medication, lying about alcohol consumption, or not reporting symptoms can have an impact on your health.

Dr Oz: Secrets Women Keep From Their Doctors

We all have personal secrets and details that we keep from friends and others because we may be afraid or embarrassed. Maybe you are having too many cocktails or smoking a cigarette now and then. Did you forget to mention your diet pills at the doctor’s office?

This is not the type of secret you want to keep. Viewers confessed some of their health secrets about smoking, flossing, and even family history.

Dr Oz: Prescription Vs OTC Medication

Dr Oz: Secrets You're Keeping From Your Doctor & Bloating Causes

Dr Oz met women who admit they are keeping secrets from their doctor about prescription drugs, alcohol, and more; bloating causes and warning signs.

Joy told Dr Oz she does not take her prescribed over the counter medication because she thinks she is feeling OK. Her argument is that she does not need prescription strength if she is having a good day.

Doctor Oz said that doctors are not there to scold you like parents. You want to build a relationship of trust and get customized care for your health problems. Stomach acid can inflame an ulcer, but prescriptions can help to prevent that reaction.

Dr Oz: Inflamed Ulcer

But not taking the medication, or taking it intermittently, can actually cause even bigger problems and create more ulcers, burning much larger holes and creating ulcers that can be hard to heal.

“You don’t want to be a guinea pig in your own experiment,” Dr Oz said.

Dr Oz: Lying To Doctor About Alcohol

Another woman said that she lies to her doctor about how often she drinks. She has 15-20 drinks in an average week, but she rounds down when mentioning this habit to her doctor. She admitted she is afraid her doctor will judge her.

Dr Oz said that most doctors double whatever people say they are drinking, because they know patients are embarrassed. He said that doctors have to keep patient conversations confidential, and that is important because it can help narrow down drug interactions, comorbidities, and other risk factors that doctors might miss if they do not know how much you are drinking.

Dr Oz: Alcohol Portion Distortion

You probably tend to think of the drink you pour for yourself as a serving of alcohol. But in reality, a wine serving size is five ounces. A bottle of wine should come out to about five glasses.

A serving size for beer is one bottle, and a liquor serving size is one and a half ounces. “That’s a true single portion,” Dr Oz said. That means you could be drinking even more than you realize.

Dr Oz: New Symptoms

Have you ever had a new symptom that you did not report to your doctor? Oz’s final audience volunteer said that she has been having bloating that she has not mentioned to her doctor.

He said that there are no symptoms too small to bring up, because they can help diagnose or narrow down other related conditions. Bloating is a great example of this.

Dr Oz: Bloating Causes

  • Weight Gain
  • Constipation
  • Celiac Disease
  • Ovarian Cancer

It is harder for patients to know what they are dealing with than doctors. “Recognize that any of those four things that could be causing the bloating you have,” he said. A doctor can help you learn what to pay attention to.

Dr Oz: Bloat Diary

Dr Oz said patients who have bloating should start a Bloat Diary to track their symptoms.

  • How often it occurs
  • Foods you’re eating
  • When it happens

If it persists for a long time, that can be a red flag. Food allergies could be tied to the foods you are eating. Figuring out the causes and factors that affect a symptom such as bloating can help you get to the truth about your health.

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