Dr Oz: Shingles Risk Factors & Who Should Get a Shingles Vaccine?


Dr Oz: Where to Get a Shingles Vaccine

Did you have Chickenpox as a child? If so, you cannot afford to miss what Dr. Oz has to share because having had Chicken Pox puts you at greater risk for developing a much more debilitating and uncomfortable condition known as Shingles. He asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain how you can avoid getting one of the most painful conditions out there.

Dr Oz: Shingles Risk Factors

Dr. Oz says that 99%, or virtually everyone, has had Chickenpox in their life. He explains that it is called Chicken Pox because the infected skin literally looks like it has been pecked by a chicken, leaving you with an itchy rash and a lot of discomfort. The bigger concern is if you had Chickenpox as a child you are at an increased risk for getting Shingles as an adult.


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