Dr Oz: Terry & Rebecca Crews Stress Relief + Getting Better Sleep


Dr Oz: Stress Relief Tips

Dr. Oz sat down with the “Delicious Divas” to dish about stress and getting out of the house once in a while. The ladies say they love to have dinner, drinks and dessert while chatting and unwinding while forgetting all the stresses of life. Unfortunately, they tend to overindulge and treat themselves a little too much, so Dr. Oz asked them if they would be willing to consider another approach to living life to the fullest. They all agreed as long as his idea includes good food.

Dr Oz: Terry and Rebecca Crews Living Life to the Fullest

Terry and Rebecca Crews have been married for many years and they believe their commitment to living a healthy and active life is the key being happily married with as little stress as possible. They stopped by Dr. Oz’s stage to share their secrets to living life to the fullest with the “Delicious Divas”! Believe it or not, living healthy can also be fun!

Dr Oz: 5 Pillars to Good Health

Dr Oz: Terry & Rebecca Crews Stress Relief + Getting Better Sleep

Rebecca Crews says the best way to wind down in the evening is to avoid checking email or watching the news. Instead, taking a relaxing bath.

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