Dr Oz: Ways to Enhance Your Love Life & What is an O-Shot?


Dr Oz: How to Get More Pleasure During Lovemaking

What if Dr. Oz told you that getting a simple shot could help you enjoy lovemaking once again? He says this new injections works in a new area that is being referred to as the “O” spot and he is curious to see what you think? Would you be willing to get a shot in that area of your body if it meant you could improve your love life?

Dr Oz: What is an O-Shot?

Dr Oz: Ways to Enhance Your Love Life & What is an O-Shot?

Dr Oz talked to a woman who received an O-shot injection in order to enhance her lovemaking experience.



  1. Lou says

    O shot not. Necessary. Just virgin cocanut oil is all you need. Organic is best. For Info Only
    This is found in food stores in jar for less than $5 and can be used on all your skin on body to include face.

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