Dr. Oz: Weak Bladders & 1 in 3 Woman Suffer From Urinary Incontinence


Dr. Oz: Urinary Incontinence

Dr. Oz talked about urinary incontinence on the show. In order to help him talk about it, he called down Alexandra, an audience member there with her mom. Alexandra had never had a problem with bladder leaks, but she thought maybe her mom Victoria did. So Dr. Oz called her down, too. It turned out that the mortified Victoria did have bladder problems.


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    My 83-yr. old mother has been experiencing severe incontinence at night with gushes coming out through the Depends, two-to-three bad episodes every night. This greatly disrupts her sleep with having to get up to clean up. She has already been seen by a Uro-gynecologist. Is the homeopathic med., Causticum #30, SAFE for her to try? What else might you suggest? What about the new Always Discreet Underwear— is it as absorbent as Depends for night-time use?

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