Dr Oz: Wet Bathing Suit and Yeast Infection + IUDs Cause Infertility?


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Dr. Oz sits down with three female gynecologists to discuss the myths even your gyno believes and nothing is off-limits! Get ready to learn the truth about some of the biggest myths you have been told about when they all reveal the truth once and for all!

Dr Oz: Will Sitting in a Wet Bathing Suit Cause a Yeast Infection?

Dr. Lauren Streicher started off by debunking one of the biggest female health myths when she revealed there is no scientific evidence that shows you are are more likely to get a yeast infection from sitting in a wet bathing suit or wearing tight jeans. Gynecologist Dr. Evelyn Minaya shared how she has always believed that big-hipped women could deliver any size baby, while tiny, petite women would most likely require a c-section. She says she was proven wrong when a little 4’ 11” woman delivered a 13-pound baby naturally with just two pushes and no epidural.

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Dr Oz: Wet Bathing Suit and Yeast Infection + IUDs Cause Infertility?

Dr Lauren Streicher debunked the myth that sitting in a wet bathing suits causes a yeast infection.

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