Dr Oz: What Are Trigylcerides? Reversible High Triglycerides Causes


Dr Oz: Fix the Fat in Your Blood

Do you know your Triglyceride number? Most people do not, but this is a measure of the fat content in your blood, and your doctor may never even tell you about it. Learn how you have the power to have a major impact on your overall health.

Dr Oz: What Are Trigylcerides?

Dr Oz said he is among the 1/3 of doctors who don’t pay enough attention to this telling number about your health. The body needs and thrives on Triglycerides, fats in the blood that keep the body going. However, you can have too much in your blood, leading to a greater risk of heart disease, especially in women.



  1. Zain Tassawar says

    Dr my child age is11yearsn weight is 50his triglyceride level is 6.3 can u tell me how to resuce it without medication

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