Dr. Oz: What’s the Secret to Gaining Happiness? Unhappy Vs Happy Women


Dr. Oz: What’s the Secret to Happiness?

Dr. Oz wanted to know the secret to happiness, so he asked Pastor Rob Bell to head up his Dr. Oz Happiness Project. Six women accepted the challenge to spend all day in the Dr. Oz Happiness House. Their mission was to confront the question: what does it take to be happy? Each woman has struggled greatly in her life. But three of the women have been able to maintain a positive outlook, in spite of life’s challenges.

Dr. Oz: Unhappy Women Vs. Happy Women

Dr. Oz: What's the Secret to Gaining Happiness? Unhappy Vs Happy Women

What’s the secret to happiness? That’s the question Dr. Oz wanted to get to the bottom of when he started his Happiness Project with help from Pastor Rob Bell. (CREATISTA / Shutterstock.com)

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