Dr Oz: Women Live 7 Years Longer Than Men & Rhodiola Supplement Review


Dr Oz: Unleash the Power Of the Female Mind

Dr. Daniel Amen, author of Unleash the Power of the Female Brain, says he has done scans of over 40,000 brains to discover the female’s is far superior to the male’s brain. He explained that while a man’s brain is much larger, a woman’s brain is much more active in many of the important areas.

Dr Oz: Dr Daniel Amen Psychiatrist

Dr. Daniel Amen told Dr. Oz he is a psychiatrist, which is a medical field where doctors treat their patients, but do not actually look at the organ they are treating. For this reason, he believes it is malpractice if, especially in complicated cases, a doctor does not order a scan and look at their patient’s brain. Dr. Amen argues you cannot provide the best care to a patient without seeing what their brain looks like on a scan. He believes this is the only way a doctor can truly treat the patient and their needs based on the uniqueness of their brain.



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