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Dr. Oz: Is Reincarnation Real? Dr. Oz talked about Ryan Hammons, who began having visions at just 4 years old of his “past life”. They were memories of someone who died before he was born. Ryan is convinced he lived another life and that reincarnation exists. In 2009, Ryan started telling his mother Cyndi tales […]

Dr Oz: How To Meditate To Sleep Better If you are tired of tossing and turning, Dr Oz said new research concludes that Meditation could be the key to improved sleep. Tonya told Dr Oz that she struggles to stop worrying and deals with racing thoughts instead of dreams at bedtime. Could Meditation work for […]

Dr Oz: Most Tweeted Questions Dr Oz answered questions presented by late night TV hosts, and next he turned to Twitter to tackle the trending topics that you keep wondering about, including headaches, diet mistakes, and hangovers. He was joined by returning guest and YouTube star Daymon Patterson, who shares food reviews with nearly 15,000 […]

Dr. Oz: Three Huge Health Issues Dr. Oz welcomed Dr. Sanjay Gupta to his show to talk about three big issues that he didn’t think we were paying enough attention to. One of the issues was Ebola, so apparently Dr. Gupta hasn’t been paying attention to the news for the past four months or so. […]

Dr Oz: Daily Supplement Addiction Dr Oz met Joanne, a mom with a supplement addiction who takes 17 vitamins and supplements every day. He invited addiction specialist Dr Mike Dow, author of Diet Rehab, to help her come up with a plan to get on a new path. Joanne admitted that part of her habit is about control, which Dr […]

Dr. Oz: Jeff Probst Survivor Survivor host Jeff Probst came by Dr. Oz to talk about emergency survival situations. He’s spent 29 seasons on Survivor, traveling all over the world to remote places. Dangers often surround the contestants of the show. Dr. Oz asked him what the most common injury was. He said infections are the most concerning […]

Dr. Oz: Can Prayer Help You Heal? Dr. Oz talked on his show about the power of prayer. Can it really help you heal? Dr. Oz said he’s seen a number of miracles as a doctor, but he went to an expert in this area, Dr. Harold Koenig, a physician who believes in the power […]

Dr. Oz: Dangers of Medi-Spas Dr. Oz kicked off his show by talking about the dangers of “medi-spas”, a new walk-in clinic trend that combines a spa with a medical clinic. These medi-spas often do surgery under the care of someone who is not a trained doctor. Some have been injured and some have even […]

Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass & Alcoholism Gastric Bypass Surgery, a method to shrink your stomach and lose weight, is growing in popularity. But Dr Oz said that there is some breaking news of a hidden dark side to this procedure: Alcoholism. Susan Jones is a Gastric Bypass patient, now five years sober, who says that […]

Dr Oz: 28-Day Caffeine Detox Tracey is a Caffeine Addict who drinks three times the recommended amount of Caffeine in a day. Dr Oz pointed out how this is taking a toll on her life and health, and she said she wanted to make some changes but was not able to on her own. Dr […]

Dr Oz: Bringing Healthy Back Dr Oz announced that he wants to spend the sixth season of his talk show Bringing Healthy Back, and he asked fans across the country what they wanted help with in the months to come. Learn about how to reprioritize your life and reduce stress. Dr Oz: Health Priorities Dr […]

Dr Oz: Sleep Clinic Dr Oz launched a Sleep Clinic that helped patients from coast to coast, and that experiment helped him figure out America’s biggest sleep problems. With the Sleep Disorders Institute, Dr Oz set up a sleep clinic and hotline. What did people need to know about their sleep health? He partnered with […]

Dr Oz Goes Into the Sewer Dr Oz always says to look before you flush, and this time he had a new reason. Do you use Flushable Wipes in the bathroom? Dr Oz said he had too, until he read an article that changed his perceptions. This relatively new bathroom accessory seems convenient and refreshing. […]

Dr Oz: Escape Your Weight Fate Do you look exactly like someone in your family? Dr Oz said that we can inherit features that are beautiful or less than desirable. He explained how to Escape Your Weight Fate. Though genetics does determine a lot about physical appearance. Some studies have found that DNA may be […]

Dr Oz: Is Your Herbal Supplement Safe? Herbal supplements have been used for centuries and currently about 75% of the population uses them, but is yours safe? Dr. Oz says even though they are widely accepted throughout the medical and scientific communities, herbal supplements still have similar side effects as traditional medications, but aren’t held […]

Dr Oz Awkward Hall of Shame Dr Oz loves getting people to own up to their awkward health moments. He said that the Hall of Shame is reserved for the most embarrassing, outrageous, and unbelievable stories. Get the scoop on Thunderous Gas, treatments for Lice, and how to remove a Stuck Tampon. Dr Oz: Thunderous […]

Nate Berkus: Quick Fixes You Can Make In Your House To Reduce Stress Could your house be the reason you are stressed out? Dr Oz invited Nate Berkus to the show with some ways to bust your stress starting at home. Dr Oz showed us a clip from Nate in action on the NBC series American […]

Dr Oz: Best Time of Day To Schedule Your Medical Appointments Did you know that the time of day makes a difference when it comes to your health? Dr Oz said that Anesthesia works longer depending on when you receive it, and your body may be in less pain at a particular time of day? […]

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