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Dr Oz: Bringing Healthy Back Dr Oz announced that he wants to spend the sixth season of his talk show Bringing Healthy Back, and he asked fans across the country what they wanted help with in the months to come. Learn about how to reprioritize your life and reduce stress. Dr Oz: Health Priorities Dr […]

Dr Oz: Sleep Clinic Dr Oz launched a Sleep Clinic that helped patients from coast to coast, and that experiment helped him figure out America’s biggest sleep problems. With the Sleep Disorders Institute, Dr Oz set up a sleep clinic and hotline. What did people need to know about their sleep health? He partnered with […]

Dr Oz Goes Into the Sewer Dr Oz always says to look before you flush, and this time he had a new reason. Do you use Flushable Wipes in the bathroom? Dr Oz said he had too, until he read an article that changed his perceptions. This relatively new bathroom accessory seems convenient and refreshing. […]

Dr Oz: Escape Your Weight Fate Do you look exactly like someone in your family? Dr Oz said that we can inherit features that are beautiful or less than desirable. He explained how to Escape Your Weight Fate. Though genetics does determine a lot about physical appearance. Some studies have found that DNA may be […]

Dr Oz: Is Your Herbal Supplement Safe? Herbal supplements have been used for centuries and currently about 75% of the population uses them, but is yours safe? Dr. Oz says even though they are widely accepted throughout the medical and scientific communities, herbal supplements still have similar side effects as traditional medications, but aren’t held […]

Dr Oz Awkward Hall of Shame Dr Oz loves getting people to own up to their awkward health moments. He said that the Hall of Shame is reserved for the most embarrassing, outrageous, and unbelievable stories. Get the scoop on Thunderous Gas, treatments for Lice, and how to remove a Stuck Tampon. Dr Oz: Thunderous […]

Nate Berkus: Quick Fixes You Can Make In Your House To Reduce Stress Could your house be the reason you are stressed out? Dr Oz invited Nate Berkus to the show with some ways to bust your stress starting at home. Dr Oz showed us a clip from Nate in action on the NBC series American […]

Dr Oz: Best Time of Day To Schedule Your Medical Appointments Did you know that the time of day makes a difference when it comes to your health? Dr Oz said that Anesthesia works longer depending on when you receive it, and your body may be in less pain at a particular time of day? […]

Dr Oz: Tips to Communicate Better With Your Spouse Dr. Oz sat down with Ester Perel to talk about why women lose interest in the bedroom and the real reason they have affairs, which most people might find surprising. They also discussed the marriage warning that couples should not ignore. Dr Oz: 5 Intimacy Verbs […]

Dr Oz: Three Stress Warning Signs Are you stressed out and don’t even know it? Dr Oz tackled topics of Thinning Hair, Upset Stomach, and Skin Redness from Stress. Tracy is a typical woman who is juggling a lot of challenges and responsibilities, from kids and chores to work and bills. But how does all […]

Dr Oz: Alcohol Poisoning Risk When Inhaling Alcohol Dr. Oz says he has a lot of concerns about smoking alcohol, so he used an animation to explain the impact it has on the body versus drinking a glass of wine. When you inhale alcohol it goes immediately into the body and spreads pretty quickly, but […]

Dr Oz: Which Probiotic is Right for Me? You know probiotics can be good for your health, but how do you find the right product for your needs? Get the right solution for a cold or upset stomach, and the best probiotic for blasting fat. Audience member Christina said that she thinks many Probiotic products […]

Dr Oz: Peppermint Essential Oil Stress Reliever Dr. Oz says that just like anyone else who lives and works in a big city, his commute is often one of the most stressful times of day, which is why he decided to see how it affects his health. He asked a member of his medical team […]

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Supplement Recommendation Dr. Oz says two new studies are rocking the medical community and causing a great deal of controversy. Some researchers are saying that taking multivitamins provides no health benefits at all, but what does Dr. Oz think? Are you wasting your money or is there really value in taking […]

Dr Oz Best Cold and Flu Supplements Doctor Oz revealed some shocking truths about supplement ingredients. But to steer us on the right path, he teamed up with Dr Tod Cooperman of Consumer Labs to highlight some of the best cold and flu season supplements. Plus, find out what health books Dr Oz is recommending. […]

Dr Oz: Chronic Cough Diagnosis What can your cough tell you about your health? Dr Oz helped to explain why you should pay attention to the body’s natural clues and cues. Learn whether that constant cough could be Silent Mucus or Silent Reflux, and what to do about it. One woman’s friend captured her chronic […]

Dr Oz: Are You Normal or Nuts? Quirky Behaviors Explained What is that weird behavior all your friends and family tease you about? Maybe it will be explained on Dr Oz’s show. He invited people to to confess their quirks at Landmark in New York City, home to countless oddities. Find out whether picking at […]

Dr Oz: Bathroom Health Mistakes Are you making a health mistake in the bathroom? Dr Oz shared simple things you need to remember about flushing the toilet, washing your face, and avoiding shower curtain germs. Dr Oz: Close the Lid Before You Flush Do you leave the lid open when you flush the toilet? A […]