3 Things to Give You More Energy: Magnesium, Astringent & Exercise

Doctor Oz gave a list of three things to give everyone more energy: Magnesium, Astringent and Exercise!  Everybody around me is always tired and exhausted, so I really hope that these three energy boosters work!  Between a lack of sleep, working hard and going out on weekends and after work – everybody could use a jolt of extra energy.  We have all heard before that exercise gives us more energy, but Astringent?  The same stuff I used as a teenager to clean my skin and clear my pores – that can give me extra energy? How exciting!  Energy Boosters: Magnesium, Astringent & Exercise

Energy Booster #3: Astringent

Dr Oz says that in addition to astringent treating and nourishing our skin (it makes you have nice, tight, closed pores for those of you who have not tried it before) – astringent also gives you extra energy, perhaps from the strong aroma.

Energy Booster #2: One Minute Exercise

That is right – get up out of your chair and do some type of physical activity for one minute.  You can just stretch out with a tension rope or even just lean over to the right and to the left with your hands up in the air.  Exercise loosens endorphins and makes you more alert.  Are you still sitting?  Try it right now – it will literally only take one minute – exercise!

Energy Booster #1: Increase Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is Doctor Oz’s #1 energy boosting tip.  And guess what has a lot of magnesium in them?  Cashews!  So grab a few cashews, that should give you a burst of energy!



  1. astringents? says

    what the freak? how do astringents give you energy? theres no explaination, and even on the show dr oz does not explain WHY they give you energy? Does anyone else find this wierd?

  2. says

    someone said maybe the smell its probably like when you first get up in the morning u wash your face and brush your teeth and it wakens u up more and lets face it if dr oz says it so then it is he is as cute as a bugs ear and very nice

  3. Michel Lopez says

    I dont know about the Astringent but he’s dead on about the Magnesium!!! I went to my doctor for my annual check-up and he told me to take Magnesium to regulate myself! I took it for constipation and I was jumping off the walls after. Not only did it help my intestine it gave me enough energy to skip ALL my afternoon coffee.

    It works. Comes in pill form if you can’t get in naturally by food (although you should) and it’s a serious energy booster. Try it.

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