5 Best Cures From Around The World: Noni Berry, Cordyceps, & Durian

Doctor Oz gave a list of the 5 Best Cures From Around the World, which includes Bitter Melon from Japan, Noni Berry from French Polynesia, Cordyceps from Tibet China, Elderberry from Austria and Durian from Malaysia.  Do you know what these foods cure?  Dr Oz was joined by Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest, to teach us about these cures and home remedies from around the world.  Noni Berry, Cordyceps, & Durian

Bitter Melon Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Bitter Melon has been used for centuries in Japan to lower blood sugar.  You can purchase Bitter Melon for about $3.50 a pound at the grocery store and it lowers your risk of Diabetes.  Bitter Melon tastes very bitter, as you might expect from the name, but Dan Buettner said that you can slice it thin and fry it up with some tofu and herbs.

Noni Berry Boosts Your Immune System

Noni Berries have been used in French Polynesia to lower inflammation and to boost people’s immune systems.  Noni Berries are also good for treating skin ailments.  Dr Oz and Dan Buettner seemed to agree that Noni Berry juice would make a good martini.  You can also get Noni Berry supplements instead of drinking Noni Berry juice.

Cordyceps for Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer & Olympic Performance Enhancers

Cordyceps are perhaps one of the most valuable asian medicines that comes from Tibet, China.  Cordyceps is a fungus that can fight breast cancer and skin cancer.  Cordyceps are also used by some Olympians to enhance their performance.  Dan Buettner said that you can imagine a caterpillar exploding in your mouth when you eat it… so I can only imagine where that means Codyceps comes from… but try not to think about that!  You can take Cordyceps in a pill form too.

Elderberry: Immune Booster for Colds & Flu

The Elderberry has been used in Austria for hundreds of years to boost your immune system and to help cure colds and the flu.  Doctor Oz’s guest said that elderberry juice tasted very sweet.

Durian – Stinky Feet Fruit – Lowers Fevers

Durian or “Stinky Feet Fruit” has been used in Malaysia to lower fevers because it has hydroxytryptophan in it.  Dr Oz’s expression was priceless when he smelled the durian fruit, but both Doctor Oz and his guest said it did not taste too bad.


  1. beau armstrong says

    wow…thanks so much….this is so helpful. I never heard of bitter melon and I forgot about Noni….I have been drinking cordyceps and chaga in my coffee….so I will incorporate these others now….bless you! Beau

  2. says

    I’ve been taking Codyceps every day for over a year and FEEL GREAT. Cordyceps extract is included in an herbal blend in a daily supplement called Add Lib (made by Dreambrands). I have way more energy, improved endurance and stamina when I work out, also better respiration and more motivation.

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