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Doctor Oz is often asked why am I so exhausted.  Anemia is a secret reason your body is fighting for energy.  Here are some tips for Anemia Support including Anemia Treatments, Anemia Research & the top Anemia Symptom.  Anemia Support

Anemia Symptom

Dr Oz gave the following top Anemia Symptom – fatigue, dizziness, pale, and cold.  If you have any of these symptoms, you may need to get some Anemia Support!

Anemia Research

What is Anemia and what kind of Anemia Research has been done?  Doctor Oz explained that red blood cells go through our bodies, while our lungs push oxygen out.  This process requires iron, and there are two types of iron: heme iron, which comes from red meat, and non-heme iron that comes from wheat, vegetables and vitamins.  Anemia research has shown that non-heme iron needs to be bound together in a special way, so it is a little harder for our body to use non-heme iron.  Anemia research shows that heme iron can be used more readily.


  1. says

    My doctor just prescribed a liquid iron for me by the name of NovaFerrum. I was trying the store bought kind and they tasted horrible and made me nauseous. I tried taking the iron pills they also made me sick. My doctor told me I needed something stronger and that’s when he wrote me the prescription for the NovaFerrum. So far so good, and I’m happy it doesn’t make me sick. Also my levels are back to normal and im not feeling so tired anymore. The stuff actually has a good taste to it too which was an added surprise. I only have to take one teaspoon a day which is also good. I’m not sure if this goes to Dr. oz, but I’m interested in his feedback. Thanks in advance!

  2. christine says

    i have read that coffee and tea reduce absorbtion, and vitamin c helps absorbtion. also eating heme sources with non-heme sources helps the non-heme to absorb. also chocolate is a good source of non-heme iron. i was vegetarian for 20 years and my iron gradually fell so low that i would almost pass out. since i have started eating seafood and poultry again i have noticed my energy coming back. my only issue is that i have to go very slow with adding new types of food since my body has not had to process meat in so long. i have already had to go through several bouts of upset stomach.

  3. May says

    My doctor told me to get this liquid iron called Novaferrum 125, it’s a non-heme iron like Dr Oz suggested to get, but what I like about it was the great taste! I say this because compared to what I have had before this stuff is like heaven. My doc was thinking he was going to have to put me on an IV if I had to waited any longer. Now I finally found something I can take. BTW, if your interested, this one you don’t need a docs prescription, but you do have to go ask the pharmacist to order it. They might pawn something else on you, but make them order it – you’ll be glad you did. Or order it on line – I did the second time – it’s cheaper online – about $23… hope this helps.

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