Blister First Aid- How to Pop Blisters & Deodorant Blister Remedy


Doctor Oz knows that with the warmer weather, we are buying new shoes which often cause painful blisters.  The friction from your favorite shoes, particularly strappy shoes, can cause blisters.  What is a blister?  Should you pop a blister?  How do you pop a blister safely?  What home remedy can prevent blisters?  Don’t worry, Dr. Oz answered all of these questions!

What is a Blister?

Dr. Oz said that we have hair follicles and blood vessels underneath our skin and when you rub off the superficial layers of the dermis and epidermis (the deeper layers of skin), the opening fills with a fluid that is what we call a blister.

Should You Pop a Blister?

Dr. Oz says that we should pop blisters early, within the first 24 to 48  hours, because then the top layer of the blister will stick down and form a biological dressing that will help the blister to heal.  If you don’t pop your blister, it can get infected and then you have to go to the doctor.  The reason blisters get infected are that if they get a small tear, it is easy for bacteria to get inside and grow.  There is one exception to his rule of popping your blisters, a blood blister should not be popped, but we will discuss those in a second.

How to Pop a Blister:

1.  Sterilize a needle with rubbing alcohol or by placing the needle in a flame.



  1. Tia says

    What if we wore our shoes so long that we not only got blisters, but the blisters popped on their own. And now there is no skin covering them and there is just a tiny layer of skin before the bone. What remedies do you suggest and should you see a doctor?

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