How To Burglar Proof Your Home & Are Burglar Alarms Effective?


Dr Oz: How Safe Is Your Home From Burglars?

How safe is your home right this minute? Are you sure it’s safe from burglars? Dr. Oz’s show sent investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen inside the walls of a state prison to talk to a career criminal serving 70 years to find out what he looked for when breaking into a home.

Jeff went inside the New Jersey state prison, maximum security  to talk to Nicholas, who is serving a 70-year sentence for a string of home invasions. While guards watched, Jeff had one hour to asked Nick anything he wanted. Nick revealed that he burglarized 100-150 homes and wanted to come clean to reveal his secrets. You will be shocked by his tips for how to burglar proof your home and his answer to whether or not burglar alarms are effective, on the next page…


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