Cancer Risk Factors – Ovarian, Esophageal & Pancreatic Cancer

Doctor Oz gave a checklist of Symptoms of Cancer and answered questions on Cancer Risk Factors.  Do you know what makes you predisposed to getting Ovarian Cancer, Esophageal Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer?  See how well you do on Dr Oz’s Cancer Risk Factors quiz below.  Cancer Risk Factors

Dr Oz’s Cancer Risk Factors Quiz

1. Which is a Risk Factor for Ovarian & Esophageal Cancer? Yo-Yo Dieting, Underweight or Obesity?

Doctor Oz said that obesity is a risk factor for both Ovarian Cancer and Esophageal Cancer.  Increase weight can make more pressure and acid reflux disease is more common in overweight people, which causes chances to the tissue in the esophagus.  Ovarian Cancer may be increased by being obese and having a hormonal imbalance, like more estrogen.

2.  What is a Risk Factor for Ovarian Cancer? History on Your Mother’s Side? Your Father’s Side? Or Both?

Dr Oz said you have an increased chance of getting Ovarian Cancer if you have a history of Ovarian Cancer on either your mother’s side or your father’s side.  A lot of patients think it only matters if your mother’s side has had Ovarian Cancer, but you get a copy of genes from your mother and father.  If there has been Ovarian Cancer in any first degree relative, especially if they were under 50 years old, then you are at the greatest risk for getting Ovarian Cancer.

3.  What is a Risk Factor for Pancreatic Cancer? Smoking, African American Ethnicity or Both?

Dr. Oz said that both smoking and being African American are risk factors for Pancreatic Cancer.  Smoking contributes to many cancers including: Esophageal Cancer, Cervic Cancer, Lung Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer.  Certain ethnic groups, including African Americans, are predisposed to Pancreatic Cancer.

4.  What Reduces the Risk of Ovarian Cancer?  Taking Oral Contraceptives for 5 Years? 1 Year? or Never?

Dr. Oz said that you can reduce your risk of Ovarian Cancer by taking birth control pills for 5 years.  Hormones in oral contraceptives regulate hormones on your ovary, which seems to have a beneficial impact on your ovaries and decrease Ovarian Cancer.


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