Deepak Chopra: 5 Minute Meditation for Stress from Dr Oz Show


Deepak Chopra: Stress Meditation

Dr Oz spoke about Saffron Extract to curb your appetite, as well as Fat Blasting Supplements, so now on to step 5 of Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation, which is how to assess and cut your stress. Get your stress and health under control while possibly winning a million bucks. To do this, sign up for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation today! There are only 6 more days left to sign up, so get cracking now.

Dr Oz: Stress Meditation

Feeling stressed all the time? Stress can affect your sleep, which may cause you to gain weight.


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    i don’t know about this , but what i know its best to do it for 30 min , i don’t know if 5 min, is good , as for me i am just starting to meditate , so 5 min, for me is good , but later on i think i must increase the time .

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