Do Lattes Cause Gas? Does Coffee Make Me Fart? Am I Normal Dr Oz?


Doctor Oz did a segment called “Am I Normal?” and a woman asked Dr Oz if is normal that she gets gas whenever she has a latte.  Do lattes cause her to have gas?  Her husband says that lattes make her farts smell like battery acid chemicals – oh my!  But she needs coffee for the caffeine boost and energy to keep her going.


  1. Teresa says

    While I agree that the problem for this person is most likely lactose intolerance, for me, it’s something in the coffee itself. This happened to my mother, and her mother before her. It must be some genetic thing. In our early 40s, after a lifetime of drinking coffee with no problems, all of a sudden when we drink coffee (black, with cream, whatever)…we get gas about 6 hours later that smells horrible. I have tried Beano, GasX, and the new GasX Preventer. They all work for a little while, but eventually stop working. My mom had to quit drinking coffee for the same reason. It sucks!

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