Do Nail Dryers Cause Cancer? Can You Get Ringworm From a Haircut?

By on April 19, 2012

Dr Oz: Beauty Salon Secrets

You go to your salon for a nice and relaxing beauty treatment, but did you know your beauty salon may be making you sick? Doctor Oz was joined by Tabatha Coffey to show you the secrets that your beauty salon doesn’t want you to know. Tabatha says thousands of woman contract infections from beauty treatments. A study shows that 75% of salons do not disinfection per state standards.

Can You Catch a STD from a Bikini Wax?

Dr Oz spoke about beauty salon secrets like catching a STD from a Bikini Wax.

Dr Oz: UV Light Nail Dryers May Cause Cancer

Sure, it dries nails quicker and you get out in a hurry, but the UVA light used in these dryers can create cancer on the back of the hands (and age spots!) Next time you visit your manicurist, turn off the UV light and just put the dryer on. Or, if you want to use the light, put on some zinc oxide. Take a tube with you to your manicurist and insist she use it on you.

The Footbath At Nail Salons Can Cause Infections

With all that motion, you think you’re getting clean water. Think again! When you empty out the footbath down the drain after use, it can clog the drains. When you fill up the bath for the next client, some of that same water is being recycled. Tabatha says you can get infections and boils from this water. They tested 5 footbaths for germs and found bacteria that can lead to skin infections, bacteria infections and even pneumonia. Try using a plastic footbath to sit in the plastic bath. After you use, throw it out so the next client gets a fresh one.

Can You Get Ringworm From a Haircut?

Ringworm is highly contagious. If your hairdresser is not sterilizing properly, it’s passed on. Be sure your hairdresser or barber is using a barbicide. It should look dark blue. Light blue means it may be Windex, which is common in some salons. Ask if they disinfect.

Can You Get a STD from a Bikini Wax?

Changing the wax is not as cost effective for the salon. Be sure they are not double dipping because once the bacteria gets into the wax, it lives in there. It isn’t just bacteria, it’s also STDs. Use an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to take down any inflammation you may have.

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Comments to Do Nail Dryers Cause Cancer? Can You Get Ringworm From a Haircut?

  1. What kind of keratin should I use?
    And is it safe?

  2. I am irate at the lies being spewed out by our own industry leaders! How do we expect clients to feel safe if we cannot even tell them the truth? UV nail lights DO NOT CAUSE skin cancer. They are not the same intensity as the sun, or a tanning bed. Barbicide should be mixed properly and dark blue is not correct. And it comes in green as well for crying out loud. And yes tools should be properly disinfected. But if you scare clients, or give them false information, they will not be able to trust what any of us say. How pathetic are you Tabatha? And Dr. Oz! Get your facts first.

  3. Seriously, guys, you need to get your facts straight. State Board approved disinfectants can be blue, green or even clear. And when mixed properly, they’re not necessarily “dark blue”. UV lights do NOT CAUSE skin cancer! And spa chairs, if cleaned properly via State Board Reg’s, do not “back-flow dirty water” back into the spa-tub, when they drain the “dirty used water” via the pumps in the spa chair, the pumps not only completely drain the spa-tub, but the water in the PIPES as well. I can’t believe such an icon as Tabatha would sully the name of all us hard-working, LICENSED, and LEGAL, Rule-following Nail Techs out there. For shame, Tabatha!! For shame….it’s the fricking “Chop Shops” that are dirty, re-using disposable items and not cleaning their tools…the high-end Shops don’t do these types of “bad” things: You get what you pay for obvioulsy…and let me be perfectly clear: NOT ALL SHOPS DO THESE “BAD-WRONG THINGS” SO PLEASE STOP GENERALIZING LIKE THIS!!

  4. *obviously. And, btw, let me also add that I’ll never watch another “Tabatha Takes Over” epi again. I was a fan, now I’m NOT.

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