Doctor Oz’s 7 Deadly Sins


Have you made your New Years resolutions yet?  I haven’t, but now I am going to set out to not break any of Dr. Oz’s 7 Deadly Sins.  Dr. Oz said that if we can avoid all 7 of these deadly sins, we can reduce our “real age” number by 10 years.  Who is with Dr. Oz and me in our new resolution to avoid these 7 deadly sins?

Dr. Oz’s 7 Deadly Sins:

Deadly Sin 1: Skipping Stretching in the Morning

The average person in America wakes up between 5:47 and 6 am.  When you get out of bed in the morning, you must stretch!  Dr. Oz does a 7 minute routine as follows (repeat for both the right and left side of your body of course!):
– Stand tall
– Reach forward and touch your toes
– Move into a Push-Up position
– Push your butt up towards the sky
– Stand with your right leg forward and move your right arm and hand toward your foot
– Pretend you are in a sword fight
– Put one leg forward and reach your arm down towards your foot

Deadly Sin 2: Skipping Breakfast

Doctor Oz asked which of these three would be a deadly sin at 7 am: taking a vitamin before a meal, skipping breakfast or going without a shower.  While your co-workers probably would not like you to skip a shower, the real deadly sin is skipping breakfast.  Dr. Oz said that even his own wife is guilty of not eating breakfast in the morning.  When you wake-up, your body thinks it is having a famine, so when it finally gets food, it thinks it is starving.  So at least try to drink a health smoothie, like Dr. Oz’s magic drink made of bananas, blueberries, honey, soy and Psyllium Husks.

Deadly Sin 3: Being 10 Minutes Late for an Appointment

Doctor Oz asked which of these three options would be a deadly sin at 10 am: having a second cup of coffee, logging an hour on the Internet or being 10 minutes late for an appointment?  Dr. Oz says that the next deadly sin is being late to an appointment, because it adds stress to your life since you no longer feel in control.  With extra stress, your heart turns rubbery and hard, when it should be flexible.  So Dr. Oz recommends that we all set our watches 5 minutes early.  As Dr. Oz says, you are late if you aren’t 5 minutes early!

Deadly Sin 4: Mindless Eating – Daily Trips to Vending Machines

At 3 pm, Dr. Oz said that many of us make the deadly sin of mindless eating by getting junk food from a vending machine or from other places.  Instead, lets practice mindful eating where we actually appreciate and think about what we eat!  In the afternoon, our stomach is already full with food from our lunch, so junk food will go straight to our liver, which is meant to detoxify our bodies.  Instead, plan a healthy snack in advance.  You can pack a bunch of snacks each weekend into little ziploc baggies like 12 almonds, 18 pretzels, etc.  Then when you get into that afternoon slump, you can grab one of your pre-made baggies of snacks!

Deadly Sin 5: Watching TV on the Couch

At 6 pm, what do you think could be the deadly sin you could commit: skipping dinner, having a glass of red wine or relaxing on the couch and watching television?  Doctor Oz says that watching tv on the couch is a big No-No!  Instead, watch television while doing a squat where you pretend you are sitting o n the toilet.  When your legs get tired you can straighten yourself and stand up, before going back down.  Do 30 minutes of movement during your favorite tv show!

Deadly Sin 6: Ignoring Calls from Friends

At 7pm, what is the most deadly sin: computer chatting, ignoring calls from friends or sharing treats with your pets?  Doctor Oz says that many of us are ignoring our friend’s phone calls.  He encourages everyone to write notes to our past teachers or even our doctors.  I always make an effort to call one person I haven’t spoken to for a while each day.  Often, I will read something or see something on Dr. Oz that will make me think of someone… perfect excuse for calling them!  At the very least, why don’t you try sending this article to a few friends or family members… if everyone does this, then we are sure to be getting many calls or e-mails!

Deadly Sin 7: Forgetting to Plan a Bed Time

Doctor Oz asked which of these three options would be a deadly sin: forgetting to lock the front door, forgetting to turn off our televisions, or forgetting to plan a bed time.  While my mother would certainly argue that forgetting to lock the front door would be a major sin, Dr. Oz says that the biggest sin is forgetting to plan a bed time.  Doctor Oz says that if the average person gets up at 6 am, you should be in bed around 10 pm to 10:30 pm.  The best way to prolong our lives is the build a routine to follow… and follow it even on the weekends.

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