Doctor Oz Game: Are You Healthier Than a 2nd Grader?

Doctor Oz played a game called “Are You Healthier Than a Second Grader” on his television show to teach us the secrets to staying young forever.  The 2nd grader, Andres, beat the adult, Pam.  Andres, also known as “mini Doctor Oz” was such an adorable boy full of personality!  Are You Healthier Than a 2nd Grader?

Are You Healthier Than a 2nd Grader?

1.  What Do You Typically Have for Breakfast?

Pam has cereal for breakfast.  Andres has a smoothie made of bananas, blueberries, flax oil, orange juice, strawberries and yogurt usually for breakfast.

2.  Nuts Are a Great Source of Healthy Fats That Keep Your Heart Young.  List as many nuts as you can.

Some nuts which have healthy fats that are good for your heart are walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and cashews.

3.  What Keeps Your Brain Young – Organic Chicken, Sleeping 6 Hours a Night or Playing Ping Pong?

Dr Oz says that playing ping pong keeps your brain young and fights off Alzheimer’s disease!

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