Dr Oz: $1 Drugstore Deals with Stephanie Nelson Coupon Mom

Dr Oz did a segment called $1 Drugstore Deals with The Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson.  Health and wellness products can cost a lot to maintain, but Doctor Oz brought back Coupon Mom to show us how to find amazing Drugstore Deals and coupons.  What were her great drugstore finds for under $1?

Dr Oz: $1 Drugstore Deal: Cold Remedies

Coupon Mom found lozenges for 49 cents.  The trick to learn here is to look for items that are on sale and then to combine Dr Oz Coupon Momthat with a manufacturers coupon.  The throat lozenges started off at $2.79 and she got them all the way down to 49 cents!

Dr Oz: $1 Drugstore Deal: Dental Care

Coupon Mom was able to get toothpaste for free at Walgreen!  Her money saving tip here was to use Automatic Rebates, which is when you buy an item and you get an Automatic Rebate that takes the money right off of your receipt.  Combine that with some coupons, and you can sometimes get items for free.  In fact, Stephanie Nelson told Dr Oz that she got the toothpaste for free and even made a profit of one cent!

Dr Oz: $1 Drugstore Deal: Antibacterial Soap

This special extra tip was only shared online, but by combining a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon, she was able to reduce the price of Liquid Hand Soap from $2.39 down to 59 cents.  I wish I could take Stephanie Nelson – a.k.a. Coupon Mom – shopping with me!  In addition to doing free giveaways of fabulous products, we are also going to start sharing money saving tips and great deals on our sister site: Opinion Queen, so make sure to sign-up for our newsletter!

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