Dr. Oz: 10 Commandments of Weight Loss & Diets

Doctor Oz gave the following list of 10 commandments that if we follow, we will be able to lose weight and not gain it back.  Give it a try!  Form support systems for yourself by sending this article to your friends and family and commit to follow these together.

Dr. Oz’s 10 Commandments of Weight Loss:

1.  “Thou Shalt Not Wear Pants That Stretch”

Stretch pants are a big problem, because you won’t really be able to notice if you are putting on pounds since the waistband stretches and grows with you.  So lets get rid of stretchy sweat pants!

2.  “Thou Shalt Not Keep Bad Clothes in Your Closet”

Doctor Oz has mentioned this before, and I’m sure he will mention it again… as you lose weight, get rid of your “fat clothes”!  By keeping your “fat clothes” you are giving yourself a way to go back, but by getting rid of clothes that are now too big, you only are looking forward and aren’t giving yourself an easy way out.

3.  “Thous Shalt Not Eat Meat That Walks on Four Legs More Than Once a Week”

Meat that comes from animals with four legs, like beef, pork or lamb, tend to have more saturated fat than chickens (which walk on two legs) or fish (which have no legs).  Women who eat red meat more than one time a week increase their chance of dying from heart disease by 50%… plus they tend to have a greater risk of cancer.

4.  “Thou Shalt Not Graze Or Browse in Search Of Prey”

Doctor Oz wants us to plan what we will eat before we get to the kitchen and open the fridge.  This does not mean you have to only have three meals though!  On a previous episode of Dr. Oz, one of his visitors gave a great tip that you should set an alarm after you eat for two to three hours… and then you will know when it is time for a meal or a snack ever few hours.

5.  “Thou Shalt Not Eat After 7:30 PM”

If you eat late at night, your body won’t know what to do with all of the extra calories.  Many people have a tendency to eat high calorie foods when they watch TV at night… big NO-NO!  You need two hours between when you finish your dinner and when you go to bed!  Instead, try a cup of relaxing tea or make a face mask in your kitchen instead!

6.  “Thou Shalt Not Pile Food More than 1 Inch High or Within 2 Inches of the Plate Edge”

By following this rule, you won’t put too much food on your plate and you therefore won’t eat as much.  In the past, Dr. Oz has also recommended eating off of 9″ plates rather than larger plates.

7.  “Thou Shalt Not Chew Food Less Than 20 Times Per Bite”

This commandment of weight loss will help you to slow down when you eat.  That way, your body can catch up with the food you are eating so that your brain has the time to get the message that it is full.  Another great tip that Dr. Oz gave before is to start eating after everyone else you are eating with, because you won’t overeat then.

8.  “Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Plate”

Especially if you work in an office setting or are in school, make sure not to eat little bits and tastes of everybody’s food… otherwise, before you know it, you will pack on extra pounds.  Grazers, on average, end up eating an extra 1000 calories per day.

9.  “Thou Shalt Not Carry Small Bills”

If you carry small dollar bills or change around with you, then you are much more likely to buy junk food from vending machines.  Instead, what I do with change is to collect all of it in a container on my office desk to save money for my vacation fund!

10.  “Thou Shalt Not Eat While Standing Up Or In A Car”

If you eat standing up, you will eat more and eat too quickly, while not even noticing what you eat.  So relax, sit down, eat slowly and enjoy every bite!

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