Dr Oz: 10 Daily Essentials: White Poop & Bone Calcium Cocktail


Dr Oz’s Top 10 Daily Essentials

Dr Oz gave a list of his Top 10 Daily Essentials that are the most important things that you need to do for your health every single day.  Doctor Oz said that the number one complaint he receives is that he talks too fast and that people cannot write it down quickly enough, so he came up with this concise list.  Just as a reminder, if you ever miss anything on the Dr Oz show or cannot write it down quickly enough, come visit us at wellbuzz.com… that is exactly why we started this website, to help spread Dr Oz’s message and to share our notes taken during the Dr Oz Show!

Dr Oz: Eat a Hard Boiled Egg

Dr Oz said that an egg has only 4% of the calories you need in a day, but it is packed withDr Oz 10 Daily Essentials protein and helps to fight against frailty.  Doctor Oz said that he personally loves eggs but does not like them Hard Boiled.  The only reason he mentions eating Hard-Boiled Eggs over other forms of eggs is because it is a fast and easy way to make a bunch on a Sunday and to grab one when you run out the door the rest of the week.  But Dr Oz said that you can eat your egg any way you like them!

Dr Oz: Check Your Poop

Dr Oz said that you should check your poop because it can tell you about your health.  Here is a quick quiz to take on your poop:

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