Dr Oz: 10 Second Heart Test & What Is Normal Heart Beat Rate?

Dr Oz: 10 Second Heart Test

Dr Oz’s Fast Forward Friday featured a 10 Second Heart Test to figure out if your heart is beating too fast.  By measuring how fast your heart beats, you can tell how hard it is working.  Doctor Oz said that electrical impulses are sent to your heart, and for each impulse it receives, it beats.  This works out well when you are healthy and have no heart issues, but as you age, your hormones change, you have extra stress or even as you exercise, you can get more and more electrical impulses being sent to your heart – or even irregular electrical impulses.  When too many pulses come all at once, you begin to lose the efficiency of your heart and can become lightheaded or have a bunch of other problems.

Dr Oz: Normal Heart Beat Rate

Dr Oz said that every time your heart beats, it squeezes blood up.  Normally, you should have between 60 and 90 heartbeats per minute.  Doctor Oz said Dr Oz's 10 Second Heart Testthat if you have under 60 beats per minute, then it could be from being an athlete.  But if you have over 90 heart beats per minute, this could be a serious problem.  Dr Oz’s 10 Second Heart Test is to count the number of times that your heart beats in 10 seconds, and then multiply that number by 6.  The best way to take your pulse is to hold your right wrist out, and feel for the soft area right next to the bone that runs down your wrist from your thumb.  Press your index and middle fingers in this area about as hard as you would press on a computer mouse.  Dr Oz’s heart beat rate was 60, which is very good.  Doctor Oz said that you should check your pulse first thing in the morning before you get out of bed.  If you consistently have more than 90, then you have triple the risk of dying from Heart Disease if you are a woman.  Dr Oz suggested taking Omega 3 Fatty Acids, because just one capsule every day will drop your heartbeat by 6 pulses in just two weeks.  Another important thing is to make sure that you are exercising enough.  So make a note to remind yourself to take Dr Oz’s 10 Second Heart Test tomorrow morning before you get out of bed!


  1. nancy furlong says

    Dear Dr. Oz
    I am a 57 yr old female in good shape…I exercise 3-4 X weekley and eat heallthy.
    I had a problem with atrial fib/flutter a month ago and was reverted wiyth IV Procanimide(I am an RN).
    What can I do to prevent this from happening again? Lifestyle changes?? I very much value your opinion..

  2. says

    With all due respect, measuring the pulse for 10 seconds is highly inacurate: it’s very easy to miss the first/last beat.

  3. lydia teshuba says

    Dear Dr.Oz
    I have a tremor voice when I speak,My Dr.diagnosis was I have a SPASMADICO DYSPHONIA
    (ADDUCTOR TYPE) it has to be cure with botox , would that go away wuthout treatment?
    your opinion is much appreciated
    thanks lydia

  4. shawn young says

    Dr. Oz
    I’ve had afib most of my life and had a heart ablation in December all went well except now I have an extra heart beat. I did a echo stress test and everything came out alright except the tech told me that I had 2 different extra heart beat. My cardio doctor released me and said everything was normal that everyone had those, but Dr. Oz my heart is going crazy i counted 7 extra beats per minute for over 2 weeks now I’m afraid to work out. What can i do.
    Thank You

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