Dr Oz: 10 Second Skin Cancer Test With Pencil: ABCDE Guide


Dr Oz: Melanoma Skin Cancer

Dr Oz did a segment on the difference between a freckle and a malignant mole.  With Doctor Oz’s 10 Second Skin Cancer Pencil Test, you can help yourself to diagnose Melanomas as quickly as possible.  Dr Oz said that 70,000 Americans will be diagnosed with a Melanoma this year.  Early detection is crucial for Skin Cancer, so here are the Skin Cancer Risk Factors that Dr Ellen Marmur discussed with Dr Oz.

Dr Oz: Skin Cancer Risk Factors

The first Skin Cancer Risk Factor is having light colored hair or a light eye color.  People with light hair or light eyes have less melanin to protect them and their DNA.  However, just because you have dark skin and dark eyes does not exempt you from worrying about Skin Cancer.


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