Dr. Oz 100: 100 People Who Lost 100 Pounds

In celebration of Dr. Oz’s 100th show, he brought on 100 people who lost at least 100 pounds.  In total, the Dr. Oz 100 lost 13,000 pounds!  What amazing inspiration!  The Dr. Oz 100 come from all over the country (like Lauren from Minnesota), from all different jobs (like Willy the analyst), and from all different age groups (like Roberta who is 70 years old).  All of these 100 people lost weight through hard work and determination, not through weight loss surgeries (no lap band surgeries or gastric bypass surgeries here!)  How did they do it? Whats their secrets?  The Doctor Oz 100 revealed everything to us!  If you or someone you know is trying to lose weight, definitely share this information with them!

Diane – Mom of 7 Kids – Lost 158 Pounds

Diane is one of the Dr. Oz 100 and said that when she was heavy, she made up a lot of excuses.  Her biggest excuse was that she didn’t have enough time.  But guess what… after she lost weight, she all of a sudden was able to create more time because she was healthier and did not get tired so quickly.  For all moms out there, she said you have to be persistent and patient… You didn’t gain all of the weight when you got pregnant in 2 weeks, and you won’t lose it all in 2 weeks…  Here are Diane’s top 3 secrets:

Diane’s Weight Loss Secret #1 – Kitchen Timer

If Diane still feels hungry after a meal, she sets a kitchen timer for 15 minutes and gets herself busy with other things.  If she still wants more food when the timer goes off, then she will have a healthy snack.  More often than not, 9 times out of 10, she won’t be hungry anymore and will realize she just wanted to eat more out of boredom or because her stomach hadn’t sent the message that she was full yet to her brain.

Diane’s Weight Loss Secret #2 – Bathroom Cups for Juice

Diane was a juice junky, but juice has a lot of calories and sugar.  So both Diane and her kids can only have a bathroom cup to drink juice.  Sometimes Diane will add the bathroom cup amount of juice to a bottle of water to give her water a nice flavor.  Dr. Oz does this too!

Diane’s Weight Loss Secret #3 – Rank Your Food

When Diane goes out or goes to her friend’s homes, she will rank all of the food in her mind from 1 to 10.  Diane will pass on the food if it isn’t a 10, and if it is a 10 she will have a little bit so that she won’t feel like she is depriving herself.  Dr. Oz’s favorite (10) food is hummus and Diane’s favorite (number 10) food is chocolate.

Bill – Lost 175 Pounds – New Lease on Life!

Bill used to be really afraid when he was overweight.  He had a restrictive feeling and felt held back by a social stigma.  Bill used to worry that he wouldn’t live to the age of 40.  Now that he has lost 175 pounds, he has turned his fear into freedom.  He has so much more energy and feels like he has a brand new lease on life.

Bill’s Weight Loss Secret #1 – Purge Fat Clothes

As you lose weight and you shrink out of clothes, you have to get rid of them.  There is no looking back, just keep looking forward… do not give yourself the “out” to gain the weight back by keeping your fat clothes around.

Bill’s Weight Loss Secret #2 – Make-Up for Cheats

Everyone is going to cheat and eat something they probably should not.  This is fine, you just have to make up for it.  So if Bill eats a cookie, he will get out and walk for 10 minutes, which puts him back on track physically and mentally.

Taisha – Lost 131 Pounds – New Career as Personal Trainer

Taisha used to hate working out, but now she is a personal trainer.  She loves food more than anyone else in the world (although I beg to differ… I think that I love food even more!), so she says that you just have to burn more than you consume.  Now she enjoys working out and the endorphins that come with it.  Taisha says that if she can enjoy exercise, anyone can.

Taisha’s Weight Loss Secret #1 – Eat a Big Breakfast

Overweight people tend to not eat breakfast, and then have late night snacking instead.  A big breakfast is very important, and one of Taisha’s favorites is to have a whole grain wrap with lean ham or turkey pepperoni, low fat cheese, spicy oregano and egg whites (she even adds in one egg yolk)!

Taisha’s Weight Loss Secret #2 – Know Your Trigger Foods

Taisha’s trigger food is pizza – she knows she can’t live without pizza for the rest of her life, so she reinvented a healthy version of pizza.  Toast a whole grain wrap, add some fresh garlic, pile on veggies and turkey pepperoni and you have a delicious (much healthier) version of pizza!

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