Dr. Oz 100: Lose 5% of Weight & Heal Your Body!

As part of Dr. Oz’s 100th show celebration, he featured 100 people in his audience who lost 100 pounds or more. Did you know that if you lose 5% of your weight, your body will start to heal itself? yes, you can actually reverse obesity! This means that if you are 300 pounds, and you lose 15 pounds, your body will naturally begin to repair itself. If you have diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, you can repair these!

Waist Size Decreases!

Having a big belly is a big issue.  If you lose just 15% of your weight, your waist size will decrease which will help you fight off diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Knee Pain Gets Better!

The knee area is made up of your patella (the bone on front of your knee) and the femur bone on top of the tibia bone.  If you are overweight, where the femur bone hits the tibia bone, you can multiply your excess weight by 3 to calculate the stress on  your knees… and when you are walking up stairs, multiply your excess weight by 7.  Over time, you roll away the bone and the meniscus wears away.  The good news is that you can heal this!  Imagine your knee is originally like an orange cut in half.  The juicy, squishy, flesh part of the fruit keeps your bones from grinding together.  If you are overweight, then slowly the flesh of the orange gets squeezed out and eventually you are left with just the rind.  As you begin to lose weight, your body rebuilds the flesh portion of the orange and adds padding for your bones.  So this is another great reason to begin losing weight today!

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