Dr Oz: $1000 Savings Plan: Healthy On The Cheap!


Dr Oz: $1000 Plan to Stay Healthy On The Cheap

If the cost of being healthy is stretching your purses strings, you are not alone.  The cost of healthy eating is up 5 percent since last year.  The prices of produce you need to get healthy (tomatoes, potatoes, citrus) is skyrocketing.  In the past few years, the cost of prescription drug prices have increased by 7 percent.  Dr Oz, along with Savings Expert, Farnoosh Torabi, demonstrated how you can put $1000 back into your budget while still remaining healthy.

Dr Oz: Generic Prescriptions

Dr Oz says that half his viewers are not taking the medication properly because they feel they cannot afford it.  Either they don’t take it at all or they take less than the recommended dose to save money.


  1. Karen Wright says

    Dr. Oz what were the four supplements you discussed on this show ? You said it would be on your website, I can’t find them! please respond! Thank you. Also supplements on October 24,2011 Karen

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