Dr Oz: $1000 Savings Plan: Healthy On The Cheap!

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Dr Oz: $1000 Savings Plan: Healthy On The Cheap!

By on October 18, 2011

Dr Oz: $1000 Plan to Stay Healthy On The Cheap

If the cost of being healthy is stretching your purses strings, you are not alone.  The cost of healthy eating is up 5 percent since last year.  The prices of produce you need to get healthy (tomatoes, potatoes, citrus) is skyrocketing.  In the past few years, the cost of prescription drug prices have increased by 7 percent.  Dr Oz, along with Savings Expert, Farnoosh Torabi, demonstrated how you can put $1000 back into your budget while still remaining healthy.

Dr Oz: Generic Prescriptions

Dr Oz says that half his viewers are not taking the medication properly because they feel they cannot afford it.  Either they don’t take it at all or they take less than the recommended dose to save money.

Dr Oz brought up an audience member who had a prescription for a high blood pressure medication.  He had her put on a pair of gloves to check out two hearts.  The first heart is healthy, which is about the size of a woman’s fist. The second heart shown was bigger and had thicker muscle surrounding it, indicating the person had high blood pressure.  This demonstrated that it is imperative to take prescription medication as directed.

How To Save:

– Purchase your medication from the grocery store.  Many stores offer a one-time supply of blood pressure medications and some even have a $4 Rx for the generic version of the drug as opposed to $35 for the brand name.

Dr Oz says that generic brands are “pretty darn similar” and that you should at least try it out to see if it works.  (Check with your doctor first.)  If the generic brand works as well as the name brand, go for it. .

Total Savings: $400

Dr Oz: Toothbrush Foods & MyGroceryDeals.com

Dr Oz brought up an audience member that had a root canal, braces, and was considering teeth whitening.

How To Save:

– Use toothbrush foods in your diet, such as strawberries and cauliflower (crunchy foods).  Hard cheeses contain peptides to strengthen enamel.  Foods to avoid include muffins and cakes because they have simple Dr Oz $1000 Savings Plansugars, which break down the enamel.  Skip the white wine and pickles because they contain acids that break down the enamel.

According to Farnoosh Fines, the average family spends at least $100 a month on fruits and veggies.  You can cut costs by shopping at sites such as mygrocerydeals.com.

Total Savings: $300

Dr Oz: Discount Eyeglasses

Dr Oz pulled up an audience member that complained that her contacts are too pricey.  She used the disposable contacts and found herself wearing them for longer than needed because they are so expensive.

How To Save:

Dr Oz suggested hitting the discount club stores, where you can purchase eyewear and Rx lenses in bulk.  Often times, these are the same brand names that you would get at the doctor’s office.

Know your O’s:
– Optician
– Optometrist
– Opthamologist

Total Savings: $150

Dr Oz: Discount Supplements

An audience member complained that she spends a small fortune on supplements for her and her family. A small bottle of supplements is too expensive.

How To Save:

Farnoosh Fines, the Savings Expert, suggested buying big box store supplements because they offer the best deals. Buy the cheapest products made by big name manufacturers. Over the course of a year, you’ll save $100.

Total Savings: $100

Dr Oz: Orthotics

One audience member complained of having aches and pains in her feet because of her job.  She doesn’t have the money for expensive shoes, but would like better support for her feet.

How To Save:

Orthotics specially made by a podiatrist can be costly.  Dr Oz suggested wearing insoles, which you can purchase at your local drugstore.

Total Savings: $50

Savings Summation:

Prescriptions – $400
Teeth – $300
Eyes – $150
Supplements – $100
Feet – $50

Total Savings: $1000!!!

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  1. Karen Wright says:

    Dr. Oz what were the four supplements you discussed on this show ? You said it would be on your website, I can’t find them! please respond! Thank you. Also supplements on October 24,2011 Karen

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