Dr. Oz: 28 Day Digital Diet to Detox Internet & Technology Addicts


Doctor Oz knows that many of us are addicted to technology, the Internet and the Digital Age.  Do you feel overly attached to your computer, cell phone, iPhone, mp3 player or Internet connection?  Follow Dr Oz’s 28 day Digital Detox Plan and refocus on your health instead of on technology.  Why is this important?  Since we have become more attached to technology, we have also begun to live a more sedentary life which is bad for our bodies.  Do you ever feel eye strain, back pain, wrist pain, tension in your upper body or like you lack a social connection to your friends and family?  All of this could be due to the overuse of technology.  28 Day Digital Detox Diet

Dr Oz’s 28 Day Digital Detox Plan

Week 1.  LOL – Lighten the Overload

Keep your cell phone use to the absolute minimum, and only call people in the case of serious emergencies.  Make sure to leave a new voicemail message that says that you are fine, but just taking a break from you cell phone (otherwise people might get worried!).

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