Dr Oz: 28 Day Heart Disease Prevention Plan | Beet Juice & Sriracha

By on February 1, 2012

Dr Oz: Heart Disease Prevention Plan

On today’s show, Doctor Oz showed you his 28 Day Plan that will help you lower your risk of heart disease, and for an added bonus, his plan may even help you lose weight. (Sounds good to me!)You should also try his 30 Second Heart Disease Test! Dr Oz says this may be the most important change you can make this year because his 4 week plan may save your life!

Dr Oz brought up an audience member who stated that she worried about heart disease ever since her brother had a heart attack last year at 55-years-old. Since then, she has made her health a priority.

Dr Oz: Sriracha Sauce Prevents Heart Disease

Week 1-Eat For Your Heart

Dr Oz 28 Day Heart Disease Prevention Plan

Dr Oz 28 Day Heart Disease Prevention Plan

-Sriracha-this gets metabolism going
-Kidney beans-high in omega 3 fats. Also, helps the heart to beat right way
-Sweet potatoes- as all Dr Oz Fans know, sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants

Dr Oz: Beet Juice & Black Currant Juice

Week 2-Drink For Your Heart

-Black currant juice
-Beet juice- 1 glass a day has been shown to lower blood pressure. Dr Oz has an audience member try it and she stated it tasted like beets. (Uh, is that good or what?) If the taste is too strong, Dr Oz suggested mixing it with water. Black currant and beet juice is now available in your grocery or health food store. (Goodie, goodie!)

Week 3-Call For Less Stress

-Phone a friend 2 Xs per week
-No calls during meals

Week 4-Shop For Your Heart at the Pharmacy

Dr Oz was joined by Walgreens representative, Stacia Woodcock, who stated that during the month of February, Walgreens was taking a holistic approach to your health. Walgreens would have 30,000 available pharmacists to check your blood pressure. For those with alarming numbers, Walgreens will give you a follow up call. Walgreens would also be donating a $1 (up to 100,000) for every blood pressure test done.

Walgreens gave audience members all of their hearth healthy products.

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Comments to Dr Oz: 28 Day Heart Disease Prevention Plan | Beet Juice & Sriracha

  1. I need some help to low my cholesterol.My triglycerides are 398 and my LDL bad are 145.
    I can’t take any cholesterol med,because of there side affects.

  2. I was wondering about the beet juice. If beet juice is good for you, wouldn’t a can of beets be even better? Canned beets are easy to find at my local grocery store. Beet juice is not available at my local grocery store.

    Sometimes I eat raw beets, but not often enough to get the benefits of them. I grate them up into fine shreds and put them in a salad. But they are so messy, and unless you grate them up very fine, they are too hard to eat.

    I found black currant juice at one local grocery store, but it is rather expensive. About $8 for a small bottle of it. Won’t blueberry juice do about the same thing? I can find blueberry juice at many of my local stores and it is expensive, but not as expensive as black currant juice.

    Another question I had was about Kidney Beans. Is it only kidney beans, or will pinto beans work as well? I have never really liked kidney beans, but I love pinto beans.

    If anyone knows the answers to these questions, please let me know. Thanks for your help!

  3. Jeff – I’d avoid canned food because most cans contain BPA, an endocrine disruptor that has been linked to a variety of health problems.

  4. I have juiced my raw beets in a juicer and mix it with pinapple juice is this ok. will it help lower the Triglycerides as well as the blood pressure?


  5. I have juice my raw beets in a juicer with pinapple juice, will this still help lower my blood pressure , also will it help with lowering the Triglycerides and Cholesterol.

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