Dr Oz: 3 Anemia Tests & 3 Things Sucking Life Out of You

Doctor Oz did a segment on Adrenal Fatigue and included a list of three surprising things that are sucking the life out of  you, along with three simple tests to check if you have Anemia.  If you are tired, this is a must read!  3 Energy Drains & 3 Things Sucking The Life Out of You

3 Things Sucking The Life Out of You

1.  Caffeine Overload

Caffeine is a stimulant that makes you feel more energized initially, but you can become hyper-stimulated and the caffeine can work against you.  Dr Oz gave a few examples of surprising sources of caffeine.  Of course regular coffee has 100 mg of caffeine, but did you know that decaf coffee still has 32 mg of caffeine?  Pain relievers can have 130 mg of caffeine, which is more than a can of soda.  Chocolate and tea have caffeine as well.

2.  Drug Interactions

If you have ever read the label of over-the-counter drugs, you will have seen that they often say “Drowsiness May Occur”… but why does it say *may* occur instead of that it will occur?  The reason is that drowsiness does not always occur, and it often only happens when you take the drug along with another drug.  So if you are planning to take multiple drugs, Dr Oz said you should talk to your pharmacist about whether the drugs will interact badly together or not.  Something that was mentioned on the show is that it is crucial that you mention to the pharmacist not only over-the-counter drugs you are taking, but also any prescription medications you are taking.

3.  Anemia

Anemia is often caused by too little iron in your diet, and iron is like a fuel that your red blood cells need.  If you are not sure if you have Anemia or not, Dr Oz gave the following 3 simple tests to check for Anemia:

3 Anemia Tests

1. Palm

Check your palm and look at the lines and creases in the palm of your hand – they should be a darker color.  If they are pale looking, then you may not have enough iron and so you may not have enough blood cells traveling around your body.

2.  Eyelids

Check your eyelids by pulling down the lower eyelid (carefully and gently please – this skin is very delicate and gets damaged and wrinkled easily!) and checking that it is a pink color.   Dr Oz said there are lots of blood vessels here, so it should be a nice pink-ish color.

3.  Tongue

Check the bottom side of your tongue.  Dr Oz said if it is not a nice pink color like the bottom of your eyelid, then that means that it is likely that you do not have enough blood in your capillaries.

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