Dr. Oz: 3 Cosmetic Procedures You Should Never Do At A Walk-In Clinic


Dr. Oz: Dangers of Medi-Spas

Dr. Oz kicked off his show by talking about the dangers of “medi-spas”, a new walk-in clinic trend that combines a spa with a medical clinic. These medi-spas often do surgery under the care of someone who is not a trained doctor. Some have been injured and some have even died.

Dr. Oz was concerned, so he sent investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy to find out about these media-spas. These places offer everything from facials and pedicures to more complex procedures like liposuction, botox, and lasers. Women offer a lower cost and convenience, but there’s a serious downside: regulation is low.

Dr. Oz: Undercover At Medi-Spas

Dr. Oz: 3 Cosmetic Procedures You Should Never Do At A Walk-In Clinic

Dr. Oz talked about the dangers of getting cosmetic procedures done at a medi-spa. These procedures are often done by people who are not trained in the area and aren’t even doctors. (Aleksandr Markin / Shutterstock.com)


  1. Patrick H says

    Dr Oz,

    Many Med Spas employ highly trained individuals with decades of experience in medical care and aesthetics. One Med Spa that you focused on in your introduction has one the most reputable physician assistant and plastic surgeons in Florida. The physician assistant’s medical knowledge, dedication, and experience is indisputable. Her reputation and following is extremely impressive. To put all Med Spas under one umbrella is irresponsible. I have heard horror stories from people about what their BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgeon did to them, but I would not state that all plastic surgeons are dangerous.

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