Dr. Oz: 3 D’s to Health Diabetic Diet with Elizabeth Somer


Doctor Oz was contacted by Mac, a 20 year old boy who is scared to lose both of his parents: Brenda and Jim.  Jim has had diabetes for 10 years and takes insulin 3 times a day.  Brenda is also severely overweight.  With the help of Dr. Oz and Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Somer, author of Eat Your Way To Happiness, any diabetic will be able to lose weight and get healthy.  In fact, if you have diabetes and are overweight… if you lose 5% of your weight, you can dramatically shift all of your health risk factors.

Anyone with Diabetes should visualize that glass shards are scraping away what is essentially the “Teflon lining” inside of their arteries, which can lead to impotence, kidney failure, losing your eyes, amputation, heart attacks and other health problems.  Dr. Oz showed that Jim has to cut his socks because otherwise the sock cuts off his circulation.  The swelling, cracks and pigment discoloration on Jim’s leg are all classic signs of being diabetic and overweight.

Brenda’s Truth Tube Results:

– CRP (C Reactive Protein should be less than 3): Brenda’s CRP was 20.4

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