Dr Oz: 3 Flu Fighters: Elderberry Extract, Flu Shot, Rubbing Alcohol

Doctor Oz did a segment on Three Ways to Fight the Flu.  Dr Oz’s assistant of the day had a navy lab coat instead of a white lab coat, for reasons that will become obvious in just one moment.  So just how easy is it to get the flu?  Well, Dr Oz has a cough simulator that he called Puff Daddy, and he had his assistant sit down a few feet away and turned on the cough simulator.  Dr Oz then dimmed the lights and used a special light to show the simulated virus germs that Puff Daddy coughed out (this is why the assistant had to be wearing a dark color).  You could see the simulated virus and germs all over the assistant, yuck!  Dr Oz said that the flu germs can travel more than 10′ when someone coughs or sneezes, so it can easily get on your cell phone or keys sitting on a table, or all over your clothing or body.  Dr Oz confirmed what my mom always said, which is that washing your hands with soap and water is one of the best flu prevention techniques.

3 Ways to Fight the Flu

Flu Fighter #1: Elderberry Extract

Dr Oz said that if you think you were exposed to the flu, then start taking 4 TB of elderberry extract immediately. Elderberry for Flu You should take 4 TB for three days, and the Elderberry will actually help to reduce the duration of the flu as well as reduce your chances of getting the flu.

Flu Fighter #2: Rubbing Alcohol

Dr Oz said that viruses can live for up to 8 hours on inanimate objects, so look for a bottle of rubbing alcohol with a 50% concentration.  You will often see the words Ethanol or Isopropyl on the bottles as well and Dr Oz said both are fine.  You can clean surfaces or inanimate objects with the rubbing alcohol to kill the viruses and germs.

Flu Fighter #3: Flu Shot

Dr Oz said that the CDC now recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older should get a flu shot this year.  Dr Oz had a Walgreens pharmacist named Stacia Woodcock on the Dr Oz Show to give him a flu shot, and she said that this year’s flu shot contains both the seasonal flu vaccine and the H1N1 vaccine all-in-one.  Personally, this worries me a little bit.  What if a person does not want the H1N1 vaccine?  Or what if a person already had the H1N1 vaccine, why give it to them again?  What do you think (leave a comment below!)?  Dr Oz said that by getting a flu shot you are doing everyone around you a favor as well, so Walgreens is doing a program called “Arm Yourself for Those You Love” and anytime a Walgreens is open, you can get your flu shot (and apparently they take most insurance companies as well).


  1. ed martnick says

    Lots of concern with big pharma influence with flu shot hysteria-Australia just had there winter and things were ok) Preservatives -Mercury / aluminum possibly leading to some nasty side effects especially in children. Certain European countries do not buy into a lot of the propoganda like we do in the US. Any thoughts on this stuff. On another subject glad to see you bring gmo and Monsanto into the spotlight-a terrible injustice to the public, unfortunately endorsed by our elected officials. Although some judges are now revisiting all this gmo stuff(sugar beets-California)and questoning the FDA’s ability to allow rampant gmo farming.

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