Dr. Oz: 3 Las Vegas Sisters Diet- Lovey, Dovey & Poppy


It  has been two months since Lovey, Dovey and Poppy (three sisters from Las Vegas) have been on Dr. Oz’s show.  So could they harness the power of sisterhood to get healthy and in shape for a 5k run?

Lovey was the fast food lover… even for breakfast.  Dovey was the fried food diva, she deep fried everything.  Dr. Oz gave Lovey, Dovey and Poppy a Sony Webbie HD Camcorderand personal training sessions with Stephanie Weigel at the Fitness Source.  The hardest part about losing weight was getting pissed off about only eating 3 meals and 3 snacks every day.  But after getting over the anger and calming down, they found a great secret weapon to lose the weight and keep on track.  A kitchen timer!  They set the kitchen timer for 3 hours, and whenever it goes off, they go eat something and reset the timer for another 3 hours.


  1. Betty Herbert says

    I am very inspired by the Vegas Sisters. I am a resident of Las Vegas myself, how can I get in touch with Lovey, Dovey or Poppy?

  2. says

    Betty, unfortunately I have no idea how to contact Lovey, Dovey or Poppy. If anyone knows, or if Lovey, Dovey or Poppy are out there, please leave a comment!

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