Dr Oz: 3 Things to Never Share With Your Husband: Towel, Brush, Razor

Doctor Oz spoke about three things you should never share your husband or anyone else for that matter.  You can catch jock itch, staph infections or ring worm by sharing towels, a brush or a razor.  Dr Oz explained how to prevent these infections:  3 Things to Never Share

Never Share Towels – Jock Itch Fungus

Dr Oz said to never share towels, and this has nothing to do with the towels being wet.  By sharing towels with your husband, you can catch Jock Itch fungus.  Towels are the most common way to spread fungi.  If you get Jock Itch, Dr Oz said you should try Antifungal Jock Itch Cream.

Never Share Razor Blades – Staph Infection

Doctor Oz said you should never share razor blades with your husband, because you can spread Staph Infection, which can be deadly if it gets under your skin.  If you get a Staph Infection, use a Triple Antibiotic Cream to reverse it.  If you absolutely must share a razor, dunk the razor in alcohol between people to minimize the risk of spreading infections.

Never Share Hair Brush – Ring Worm Fungus

Dr Oz said you should never share a hair brush, because you can get a circular rash called Ring Worm Fungus, in addition to lice.  If you get ring worm, you can use an anti-fungal cream, but it is best to avoid ring worm.



  1. DD says

    Ring worm from my husband? Wouldn’t I catch that from sleeping with him as well, assuming he had it (which he doesn’t)? Someone needs to take a chill pill.

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