Dr Oz: 3 Warning Signs of Dehydration: Dry Skin, Dizzy & Constipation

Doctor Oz did a segment called Dehydration Dangers to teach everyone the three warning signs for dehydration.  Are you in dehydration danger?  All kinds of horrible things can happen when you are dehydrated, including having brain swelling and seizures, and far too often people end up in the emergency room for dehydration.  Dr Oz was joined by Tina Latimer for this segment.  Latimer said that people forget to drink, don’t know the signs of dehydration or associate dehydration signs with something else.  For example, dark urine (when you go to the bathroom and it looks like a dark tea color) is a common sign of dehydration, along with the following three signs.

Three Dehydration Dangers

Dehydration Danger #1: Dry Skin

Your body is made up of 60% water (both inside and outside of your cells), and as you become dehydrated, your body will pull water Skin Turgor Testout of your cells.  So for example, you have have dry sunken areas under your eyes, you may get dry lips and your skin in general may become dry.  Dr Oz said that you can do a quick Skin Turgor Test by pinching your skin and checking to be sure that it bounces back to its usual shape quickly.  If it takes a while to go back to its original shape, you could be dehydrated.

Dehydration Danger #2: Dizziness

You can think of your heart as a pump and your arteries and veins as pipes.  If you lay down and are dehydrated, then the fact that you have less volume of blood is not as bad since some blood still flows through your brain.  But as soon as you stand up, the blood flows away from your brain and goes to your legs because of gravity, so you can even faint or collapse.

Dehydration Danger #3: Constipation

Dr Oz said that if you feel bloated, have abdominal discomfort and are taking fewer trips to the bathroom, it could be dehydration which is causing your constipation.  Your body will hold onto water from everywhere when you are dehydrated, including pulling water out of your stool to make you dehydrated.


  1. ashley says

    im am a 17 year old girl and i love to watch your show but i have a question about this topic . about the dizziness, i drink plenty of water but i get dizzy and i have poor circulation to my hands and my hands are always cold when its is cold out. i can blackout for a couple of seconds and cant move. im not sure why this happens. i take vitamin D pills like about 10,000 mlgs. could you please help figure out why im like this?

  2. says

    Hi Ashley, we are not affiliated with Dr Oz, so unfortunately I cannot get an answer for you from him. Have you spoken to your own doctor about this? It sounds like it could be serious, so I would definitely go see a doctor hun!

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