Dr Oz: 3 Ways To Use Love Intuition & Char Margolis’ Love Karma


Dr Oz: 3 Methods To Awaken Your Intuition For Love

Are you looking for love? Psychic Char Margolis, joined Doctor Oz to show you 3 methods to awaken your intuition in order to get the love that you desire.

Char told Dr Oz that love connects us internally.

Dr Oz Love Karma

Dr Oz spoke with Char Margolis about her book Love Karma.


  1. says

    i belive god brings us into this world and takes us out. that he want,s us right where we are. if he want,s us married we will be.he pairs us up for a reason. so just the right children can be born is one reason.i belive when he sends me the love of my life i will know it. and if it never happen,s that too is god,s will.i put all my trust, and faith in him. thank you for the show with char margolis. i will watch everyone you have like this.lana blakely

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