Dr Oz: 30 Second Heart Disease Test & Healthy Artery Stretch


Dr Oz: Heart Disease Test

On today’s show, Doctor Oz spoke about Heart Disease Warning Signs and showed you a simple test to find out how well your arteries are working—and the best part? You can do this easy test at home.

Dr Oz: Heart Disease Risks

CRP (C-Reactive Protein) Test 

Dr Oz 30 Second Heart Disease Test

Dr Oz 30 Second Heart Disease Test


  1. Geri T. says

    I stretch every morning before I get out of bed and again when I get out of bed. I have been touching my toes practically every dat of my adult life. Any time of day, when I think of it, I go as far as I can to reach my toes without bending and I am able to touch the floor with my palms, knees unbent. Does this means I have a low risk of developing heart disease? (I do eat desserts, however, I eat whole wheat everything that I can and limit dessert and portion sizes and aware of everything I allow myself to eat). I am not overweight and try to keep stress at bay. What’s in store for me?

  2. says

    On a recent show you named five things to watch for regarding heart health….
    crease in ear lobe; little growths around eyes;recessed hairline; baldness on crown of
    head and ????
    I missed the last one and Dr. Oz’s comments. Can you send me some info. It looks like one of my sons has at least these 4. What should I do???

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