Dr Oz: 30 Second Heart Disease Test & Healthy Artery Stretch

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Dr Oz: 30 Second Heart Disease Test & Healthy Artery Stretch

By on February 1, 2012

Dr Oz: Heart Disease Test

On today’s show, Doctor Oz spoke about Heart Disease Warning Signs and showed you a simple test to find out how well your arteries are working—and the best part? You can do this easy test at home.

Dr Oz: Heart Disease Risks

CRP (C-Reactive Protein) Test 

Dr Oz 30 Second Heart Disease Test

Dr Oz 30 Second Heart Disease Test

-Family history


Dr Oz had an easy 30-second at-home test to tell you about your risk of heart disease. He had the audience members stand up. Then, they had to bend over and touch their toes. Don’t bounce, just relax the hips and touch the toes. That was it! That was the Dr Oz 30 second test to tell you about your risk of heart disease. The further you can reach, the more flexible your arteries tend to be.

Most audience members could touch their toes. One member, Lynn, was only able to go a little below the knees. Lynn came to the stage to demonstrate how far she could (or couldn’t) stretch. The good news was that you could change your flexibility in one week by stretching every day.

Dr Oz had Lynn put on the purple gloves. He showed Lynn a normal artery and asked her to feel it. Lynn stated that it was flexible. The flexibility determines how easily blood is able to pass through. Then, Dr Oz showed Lynn the artery of a person that wasn’t so flexible. Lynn stated it wasn’t as pliable. She went as far as to liken it to “bacon that you burned.” (Huh?) Dr Oz stated that this unhealthy artery was like “uncooked pasta” and not flexible at all.

Dr Oz: Stretch for Healthy Arteries

Doctor Oz suggested stretching for 30 minutes per day, 3Xs per week. (Hold each stretch 20 seconds). This will increase the flexibility of the artery by 23 percent. Lynn told Dr Oz that she didn’t stretch at all, but after today’s show, she would make it a priority. (How many of you believe Lynn?)

Dr Oz Stretch:

-Take one step forward and do the “half moon” stance with your right leg in front and your hands above your head.

-Lean back

-Stretch and hold for 20 seconds

Dr Oz: Konjac Root Lowers Cholesterol

Dr Oz Bonus Tip To Lower Your Cholesterol- Konjac root helps reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol.

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Comments to Dr Oz: 30 Second Heart Disease Test & Healthy Artery Stretch

  1. Konjac root where can you buy this Konjac root.

  2. I stretch every morning before I get out of bed and again when I get out of bed. I have been touching my toes practically every dat of my adult life. Any time of day, when I think of it, I go as far as I can to reach my toes without bending and I am able to touch the floor with my palms, knees unbent. Does this means I have a low risk of developing heart disease? (I do eat desserts, however, I eat whole wheat everything that I can and limit dessert and portion sizes and aware of everything I allow myself to eat). I am not overweight and try to keep stress at bay. What’s in store for me?

  3. On a recent show you named five things to watch for regarding heart health….
    crease in ear lobe; little growths around eyes;recessed hairline; baldness on crown of
    head and ????
    I missed the last one and Dr. Oz’s comments. Can you send me some info. It looks like one of my sons has at least these 4. What should I do???

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